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A Wealth Manual For The Middle Class

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Americans have been slaves to the myths supported by the financial industry long enough.  Anyone can achieve a wealthy lifestyle once they understand the real truth.   These myths have robbed the American public of billions of dollars over the years.   Are YOU one of the victims?  98% of Americans retire broke!  Don't let it happen to you. Take Control of Your Future Today.

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          This book presents a plan for success that can benefit every working person in America ;   I call this plan the "Stoker Strategy."  The Stoker Strategy is not some revolutionary mathematical stock scheme or "Get Rich Quick" technique.  Instead, it is a new twist on some old ways of thinking.  This plan was created by recognizing a few popular myths that have been around for so long that people accept them as fact.  In this book, these myths are exposed, turned around, and combined into a specific sequence with other investment vehicles to create a strategy of practically guaranteed wealth. 

            This book was written primarily for homeowners in the middle class.  However, as will be illustrated in section two, this book provides valuable information and guidance for anyone that desires, but has not yet achieved, financial freedom.  I have tried to write this book as simple and straight-forward as possible.   Some of the math may get a little tedious, but there is not much of it, and you do not really need to understand the math to use this strategy anyway. 

            Whether you are just beginning life on your own or are about to retire, regardless of your current economic stature, this book provides detailed information that will allow you to plan and accurately schedule your path to financial freedom.  All you need is (1) the desire to live a more enriched lifestyle, and (2) the discipline to achieve your desire.  This plan is not some complex strategy for tracking stocks or bonds.  You will not have to manufacture anything.  You will not have to sell anything.  You will not have to work with the public to make this plan work, at least not in phase one.  This plan does not depend on the current state of the economy or any kind of market timing to be successful.   The Stoker Strategy is a simple, well-defined procedure that you can start and stop at any time.  Even if you start this strategy and then decide to quit next month, you will still benefit.  Finally, this plan will not require you to spend hours every week or every month to reap the benefits;  you can implement and start reaping the benefits of phase one in less time than it will take you to read this book. 

Organization of this Book:

            This book is divided into three major sections.  Section one presents the fundamental information, insight, and philosophy that is critical to fully understand the concepts and sequence of the Stoker Strategy.  Section two presents phase one of the plan.  Once you have completed phase one, you will begin to enjoy a lifestyle of financial freedom.  Section three presents phase two of this plan;  this is where you can boost your net worth into the millions.  If you are already knowledgeable about personal financial management, you could skip section one and immediately begin the steps to wealth, but you may not have the insight you will need to stay motivated to completion.  Therefore, I highly recommend that you read the entire book.  However, there is no good reason not to begin the steps of the Stoker Strategy as you complete each chapter (starting in chapter 5).

            This is not a "get-rich-quick" scheme;  it is a  low risk plan based on sound financial principles.  Chapter three presents a summary of the overall procedure.  Detailed descriptions of each step of phase one are presented in section two.  These descriptions provide all the details and specifics critical to making this plan work most efficiently for your individual situation.  Section three presents the investments that comprise phase two of the Stoker Strategy.  Section three discusses these investments because of their exceptionally strong list of advantages.  They all allow quick profits that anyone can use with little or no risk, and, like phase one, these investments are as close to a "sure-thing" as you can find in today's economy.  Several common financial words used in this book are defined in the glossary.


Chapter 1 - What Is Wealth?

            Do you want to be rich?  Why?  What does wealth really mean to you?  When people think about being rich, they often think about magnificent homes, fast cars, exotic vacations, and high-powered boats.  Later in this book, you will be shown the way to acquire all this, but for now, ask yourself,  "What does 'wealthy living' really mean?"

            Boats, cars, and trips are all products of wealth, but they do not define the true meaning of wealth.  To live in wealth means two things:  (1) you have sufficient income that you do not have to worry about money, and (2) you have the freedom to do what you want, when you want, regardless of cost.  Of course, even if you have more money than you know what to do with, you still need to be aware of your resources and how to keep them producing for you (or you need someone to do it for you).  Living the lifestyle of the upper class means being able to buy things or do things without stopping to determine if you have enough money.  Wealth means not worrying about how to send your children  to college and not worrying about your retirement.  You will also have the freedom to work, not because you must have the money, but simply for the sheer enjoyment of achievement.  Or maybe you would prefer to dump your job for good.  Just think how much happier you would be with your job if you knew you did not really have to be there.  Think how relaxed you could be if you did not have to worry about paying the bills.  You would have the freedom to spend more quality time with your family and friends.  You would have the time and resources to do the things you really want to do in life.  The guidelines presented in this book can give you this kind of lifestyle. 

            Many "Get Rich Quick" books discuss the "psychology of winning or success" as the main requirement to achieve wealth.  A "can do" attitude and positive thinking are the first, and perhaps the most important, steps to success.  However, dreaming will not bring you wealth unless you have a flexible plan to reach your dreams.  A dream is absolutely critical to maintain self motivation, but wealth will not come like magic just because you think positive;  you must have a plan and a method.  There are four essential things you must determine before you can become successful:

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FINANCIAL FREEDOM: A Wealth Manual For The Middle Class
Written by:  Dr. Bryan Stoker 

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