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7 Important Rules For Writing Successful Self Hypnosis Scripts


Self hypnosis is not a mystical concept or some form of black magic; self hypnosis is a science. It is an effective way to re-program your mind by communicating directly with your subconscious mind. There are hundreds of potential benefits, but you must follow the rules to obtain the best results from your self hypnosis scripts. This article presents the 7 key rules critical to making self hypnosis work for you.

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Written by Dr. Bryan Stoker

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7 Rules For Successful Self Hypnosis Scripts:
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7 Rules For Successful Self Hypnosis Scripts

Self hypnosis is an effective way to re-program your mind by communicating directly with the emotion-based subconscious mind. You can change your behavior and alter your deep-set beliefs and habits by making direct suggestions to your subconscious mind while under a state of hypnosis. 

However, to make self hypnosis (or hypnotizing others) work, you must communicate using the language of the emotion-based subconscious mind. The 6 rules for writing successful self hypnosis scripts are presented below:

1. Always word your self hypnosis scripts for positive change. Saying you will stop, lose, or not do something is negative; the mind first has to visualize doing something, and then take the negative to comprehend. This means the mind first reinforces doing it before interpreting not doing it. Instead of saying you will lose weight, eat less, or stop eating sweets, say you will become lean, eat healthy, or increase your metabolism.

2. Repeat suggestions frequently to maximize effect, but avoid clichés. Find multiple ways to reiterate the same concept several times throughout your self hypnosis scripts.

3. Personalize suggestions to deal specifically with current goals. In your recorded self hypnosis scripts, do not say “you are”; instead say “I am”. To increase effectiveness, you want to essentially direct your subconscious mind to repeat your suggestions to itself in first person.

4. Use a detailed, progressive approach that follows a logical growth path when creating your self hypnosis scripts. For example, - I am steadily losing weight every day to reach my ideal weight of 115 pounds - is better than saying - I will lose weight. The first case presents a progressive suggestion with a time factor and an end goal as a target. The second case is negative and has no definitive goal.

5. Ensure all suggestions are simple, clear, & in the present or progressive tense. Never refer to past conditions, and use progressive case to bypass the critical conscious mind. 

6. Use visualizations; make the subject see himself or herself after the change has occurred (or as the change is occurring). Also use words that engage emotions such as vibrant, sparkling, thrilling, wonderful, powerful, radiant, loving, generous, exciting, delightful, and beautiful. The more vivid and dramatic the image, the more effective it will be since visualizations are suggestions.

7. Direct the subject to reflect on the results of the change after your self hypnosis scripts have finished making all the suggestions. You can direct this while the subject is still in a hypnotic trance or immediately after waking up. Either way, the subject should sit quietly and envision himself or herself after the change while the hypnotist says nothing.

All 7 of these rules are not required to succeed with hypnosis, and you may find most self hypnosis scripts commercially available do not contain all these elements. However, if you include all 7 in the scripts you write for yourself, you will see dramatically improved results from your self hypnosis scripts.

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Article written by Dr. Bryan Stoker.


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