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5 Key Factors That Drive Superior Self Hypnosis Results. 

Not all hypnotists and self hypnosis recordings are the same. If you want to reap the potential benefits of hypnosis as fast and most effectively as possible, you need to find sources that use all 5 key factors that enable superior results. This article presents and explains the 5 key factors that drive superior self hypnosis results.

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Written by Dr. Bryan Stoker

Self Hypnosis Secrets That Will Change Your Life Today:
5 Key Factors That Drive Superior Self Hypnosis Results. 

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Brainwave Concepts & States of Consciousness For Self Hypnosis:
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Self Hypnosis Secrets That Will Change Your Life Today: 5 Key Factors That Drive Superior Self Hypnosis Results. 

Self hypnosis is a great way to significantly change your life by re-programming thoughts and beliefs through your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind can not tell the difference between real experiences and imagined experiences such as dreaming while sleeping. 

The trick is to find a way to bypass the logical, critical aspects of your conscious mind so you can communicate directly with your subconscious mind. The best way to do this is through hypnosis or self hypnosis. By entering a hypnotic trance, your conscious mind sort of checks out and the hypnotist can talk to your subconscious mind directly.

There are 5 techniques you can use to maximize the benefits of your self hypnosis sessions: suggestions, binaural beat technology, visualization, emotion, and reflection. 

First, all hypnotic sessions include suggestions if the hypnotist is trying to invoke changes in your life. Suggestions are simply telling the subconscious mind the changes you want.

The brain typically operates in one of four main frequency ranges called beta, alpha, theta, and delta. The beta state is your normal awake mode where the conscious mind runs the show. As your brainwave frequency decreases to alpha, theta, and delta modes, the conscious mind steps aside, and the subconscious mind becomes more prevalent. 

Binaural beat technology is a process where one frequency is fed into one ear and a different frequency is played into the other ear. The brain combines these two frequencies and creates a beat frequency which helps the brain slow down into the more receptive alpha, theta, and delta states. 

Whereas the conscious mind is predominantly ruled by logic and real world experience, the subconscious mind is driven by emotion and imagery. The subconscious mind actually can not tell the difference between real world experience and imagined experiences (as in dreaming for example). This is why hypnosis works so well. When suggestions are presented to the subconscious mind, it believes them and begins working to make them real.

To increase the effectiveness and credibility of the suggestions to the subconscious mind, you can employ visualization and emotion while hypnotized. This simply means the hypnotist describes the desired changes in a visual manner and directs the subconscious mind to see the subject with the suggested changes to experience the changes as if they are already real or already becoming real. By directing the mind to see the changes and to actually feel how much better life is with the suggested changes, the hypnotist can evoke emotion which inspires the subconscious mind. 

Finally, after making the suggestions and asking the subject to see and feel the changes, the hypnotist can direct the subconscious mind to quietly observe and reflect on the changed subject. Reflection can also occur immediately after the subject awakes from the hypnotic trance. Either way, reflection further solidifies the change. 

In summary, the most-effective self hypnosis sessions will incorporate all five factors suggestions, binaural beat technology, visualization, emotion, and reflection to provide maximum results from the hypnotic session.

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Written by Dr. Bryan Stoker.



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The free hypnosis sessions are "light" sessions only. They invoke a light state of hypnosis and do not include all 5 factors explained in the "Ultimate Self Hypnosis Technology" article above.

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