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Does self hypnosis really work? Find with this free video...

Does Self Hypnosis Really Work & Will It Work For You?

Does hypnosis really work? Find with this free video...

Find out now with 5 simple tests on my FREE VIDEO Below.


This article presents 5 simple tests that will reveal whether you can be hypnotized and just how effective hypnosis can be for you. Hypnosis offers many benefits to quickly and easily change your life for the better using simple post hypnotic suggestions. Many people think they can not be hypnotized, and some of them are right; most are not. Now, you test the waters yourself for free in the next 12 minutes without being hypnotized simply by taking these 5 easy suggestibility tests.

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Written by Dr. Bryan Stoker

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Does Self Hypnosis Really Work & Will It Work For You? Find out now with these 5 simple tests.
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Does Self Hypnosis Really Work & Will It Work For You? Find out now with these 5 simple tests.

Just about everyone has heard of hypnosis, and it carries a lot of mystique. Many people fear it thinking they can be forced to do things they normally would not do (not true), and others embrace it for all its benefits. Perhaps you are curious and would like to know if you can be hypnotized. Well, in the next 12 minutes, you will know if you take these 5 simple suggestibility tests.

These 5 simple tests will reveal how easily you can progress into a hypnotic trance which is simply a relaxed state of mind making it easier to communicate and influence your subconscious mind. Communicating directly with the subconscious mind allows you to accomplish changes and reap many benefits more easily and quickly. 

For each of these tests, you can simply repeat them from memory or record them, and play them back. Or simply listen to this article on the free video above.

1. The Eyelid Test: (WARNING: Do not attempt this if you have any kind of eye conditions besides simple corrective lenses)

Look straight ahead. With your eyes open, roll your eyes up while simultaneously lowering your eyelids down over your eyes using the muscles that close your eyelids (e.g., do not pull them with your fingers). The easier it is for you to do this, the easier it is for you to enter a hypnotic trance. 

Can you do it at all? Did your eyelids flutter? Did you resist the exercise?

2. The Temperature Test:

Now imagine there is a metal, silver-colored bucket full of ice water next to your left hand; it has a 3-inch layer of ice cubes floating in the water. The outside of the bucket is dripping with condensation.

Now imagine your left hand is hanging down submerged in the ice water. Feel all the ice cubes pushing against your hand. The water is really … really cold, and it feels like the ice cubes are starting to freeze into a solid sheet of ice. There’s a tingling feeling under your fingernails that’s moving up your fingers and hand towards your wrist. It is so cold, your hand is throbbing … and starting to feel numb. The numbness is really uncomfortable, so you lift your hand out of the ice water, and the bucket is replaced with red plastic bucket of warm water. … Your hand is starting to feel much better; the throbbing has stopped, and the tingling is coming back as your hand thaws out and gets warmer and warmer. Now, your hand is warm and you can feel the warmth working its way up your arm making you feel comfortable all over. … Now open your eyes.

Did your hand actually feel cold? Did it throb, tingle, or feel numb? … Was it uncomfortable? … Did your arm or the rest of you feel cold? Did you shiver? … How does your hand and arm feel now? Are they warm and comfortable? If you experienced any of these effects, you can be hypnotized, and the more real this experience felt to you, the deeper your hypnotic trance can be … and the better hypnotic suggestions will work for you.

3. Opposing Arms Test:

Stand up with your feet together holding both arms straight in front of you. Hold your left hand with the palm up and your right hand in a fist as if you were holding a rope hanging from a tree. 

Close your eyes and imagine you have a heavy bucket of cement in the left hand. The cement is freshly mixed with water and is really heavy. At the same time, imagine your right hand is holding a rope tied to a huge hot air balloon. The hot air balloon can easily lift 2 people of the ground, and it is pulling up hard on your right hand as the wind blows it away from you. The cement bucket in your left hand feels heavier and heavier pulling your left hand down while the right hand is pulled higher and higher by the balloon. 

You left arm and shoulder is getting fatigued as your left hand lowers from the weight of the bucket. Meanwhile your right hand feels very light as the balloon pulls it up higher and higher. Now, open your eyes.

Is your left hand lower than your right hand? Does your left arm and shoulder feel different than the right? Are you breathing harder than normal due to the virtual work you were performing? If your answer to any or all of these questions is "yes", then it is because your mind is open to hypnotic suggestion, you are hypnotizable, and you could benefit greatly from post-hypnotic suggestions. The more dramatic the effects of this exercise, the more easily you can be hypnotized.

4. The Balance Test:

Stand up with your feet together. Let your arms hang down with your hands at your side. Close your eyes, and imagine you are standing on a small boat in the ocean. See the boat all around you swaying back and forth, side to side with the rolling waves. Here the waves gently slosh over the sides of the boat. Back and forth – side to side – back and forth – side to side. 

Now, the boat has finally reached the dock, and you step off the boat onto a diving board mounted on a dock that floats on pontoons. The big waves keep rolling in making the diving board bounce up and down – up and down. You are standing on the end of the springy board, so you keep bouncing up and down – up and down. Now, imagine the diving board is 10 feet longer and you are still standing on the end of it. The wind is blowing and the waves keep coming. You are bouncing up and way down actually touching the water surface. Up and down – up and down. 

The bouncing and the blowing wind is too much to take, so you decide to get back on the boat. You are standing on the deck of the boat, rocking to and fro, up and down, side to side, back and forth as the boat heads to the shore. You finally step off the boat and onto firm ground.

Now open your eyes and take a deep breath. Did you lose your balance or feel off balance during the test? Did you sway or take a step? Did you spread your feet apart for better stability? If you did any of these, you can be hypnotized and you could reap many benefits from hypnosis.

5. The Focus Test:

For this test, you will need a pendant or any kind of weight tied to a string or jewelry chain. Hold the chain or string with your thumb and forefinger with the weight dangling below at eye level about a foot and a half away from your eyes. Don't rest your elbow on a table or your lap, and keep your hand and arm as still as you can throughout the entire exercise. Take a deep breath and relax as you slowly exhale. Remain calm and patient throughout the exercise.

Now, mentally ask the object to turn in a circular motion; visualize the object turning. Wait for the object to actually begin turning. Watch the weight swinging in a circle, and ask for the circle to get bigger and bigger. Pause, and ask the circle to switch directions and rotate the other way. Watch it begin to rotate the other way. Wait a few moments, and ask it to stop swinging. Envision the weight coming to a complete stop. 

Now, put the weight down; breathe deeply and slowly exhale again. 

Now, notice how relaxed and calm you feel. If the pendant moved as you envisioned or asked, you are open to hypnotic suggestion. The more relaxed you felt at the end of the exercise, the more easily you can be hypnotized. 

Does hypnosis really work?

These 5 simple tests are a great way to see how much you can benefit from hypnotic suggestions and to prove to yourself self hypnosis works. If you wish to change anything about your life, quickly, easily, without stress, self hypnosis can change your life forever. 

The number one criteria to make hypnotic suggestions work is the desire to change your life. If any or all of these tests worked for you, then clearly self hypnosis will work for you as well, and the more effective these tests were for you, the faster self hypnosis can change your life.

Did any of these simple tests work for you? If you still wonder if self hypnosis will work for you, or if you would like to try it for free, visit for 3 free hypnosis videos to change your life forever. 

You will also find more information on hypnosis and ways to magnify the effectiveness of hypnosis. We have hundreds of pre-recorded self hypnosis downloads, and you can even write your own script following our 7 rules for writing successful self hypnosis scripts.

Article written by Dr. Bryan Stoker.


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