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How To Make ... And Save ... A Fortune For People Who Want More Money

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Discover 770 Ways MONEY SECRETS Will Slash Your Bills! Just one of my secrets could be saving you $162.88 per month, and I still have 769 more secrets to show you.  Discover these secrets, and your life will change forever!  No more worrying about the bills!  No more saying "No" to your kids because you can't afford it!  Do you really need more money?  Maybe you have all the money you want.  If I can show you two simple tips that will improve your health and save you $17,300 over the next 10 years (see day 4 of the Ultimate Freedom Challenge), would you care?  If I showed you how writing one simple letter (which I've already written for you) could save you $1,200 per year and turn it into $100,029 in 15 years, would it make a difference in your life?  Yes? ... Then keep reading, because I have 768 secrets to go. 

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How would you like to get 135% of your tax refund? If you simply tell the IRS to send you your refund (rather than applying it to next year's taxes), you'll get 100% of it back. However, if you then take that money and put it in a qualified retirement account (e.g., 401(k), 403(b), or deductible IRA), you will not only get tax-deferred growth on your refund, but you will effectively get an additional 35% of your refund in next year tax savings! Assuming you are in the 28% federal tax bracket and a 7% state tax bracket, you get 35 cents in tax reduction for every dollar you put in a deductible qualified retirement account.

Don't Let The Economy Get Your Down; Slash Your Bills Today
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MONEY SECRETS: How To Make ... And Save ... A Fortune For People Who Want More Money
Written by:  Dr. Bryan Stoker 

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