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Why Would I Give You All This Just For Joining a Newsletter?

This is just a free gift we offer to anyone who chooses to join our free "Preferred Customer" newsletter.  We are just trying to help you get what you need or want and hopefully make a little money from our sponsors along the way.

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What Do You Get As A "Preferred Customer"?

You get immediate notification by email of every new report, ebook, course, and software package we add to our directory of valuable products you can get for free. Not all of our products stay on our "Get It Free" list forever; so getting "First Notice" ensures you can get it free if you wish. And these are not cheap freebies you will find all over the Internet. Many of them I wrote and published myself as real books and courses, and some of them sell for as much as $97. But through this special service, you can get them free and legal.

Occasionally, I may find valuable products or services I can not legally give you for free. If you are one of our preferred customers, I will tell you about the product or service and show you how to get a valuable bonus gift or discount on the price.

What Will Not Happen When You Become a Preferred Customer?

1.  You will not pay to join us; membership is 100% free.

2.  You will not receive a bunch of emails day after day. In fact, you will only receive two emails when you join our "Preferred Customer" newsletter. The first email is a "confirmation email"; it will have a link you must click to confirm your email address. When you click the confirmation link, you will receive the second email welcoming you to our family and revealing how to get immediate access to your free certificate.

Thereafter, you will only receive emails when we have added new products or if we want to share information we believe will benefit you. Please note, however, we do offer other subscriptions (e.g., courses via email, etc. available from our Free Online Business Resource Center), that will send you a series of emails/'lessons. Please don't confuse those emails with our "Preferred Customer" newsletter.

3.  You will not be required to buy anything ... ever. There will certainly be exciting, valuable products or services you may choose to purchase, but you are not obligated to buy anything.

4.  Your information (name, email, etc.) will not be sold or otherwise shared with anyone unless you share with us a testimonial in which case we may list your name, city, & state (not your email).

How Often Will New Products Be Available?

Our goal is to add at least one new ebook, special report, course, audiobook, or software package per month. Some months we may add a lot more than one, and we may occasionally miss a month. If you have specific topics, products, or services that interest you, please let us know (see the "Contact Us" link below), and we will see what we can do.

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What Kind of Products/Services Do You Offer For Free?

There's really no limit; we try to focus on niches of interest to the most people. We launched this site with the personal finance and investment books and courses I originally wrote and published since those are the topics of my doctoral degree. However, we are branching out to other topics such as online marketing and home business. We also plan to expand into non-monetary topics as well. Please let us know what topics interest you. 

You can see our current products using our online directory at

If you would like to see other types of products or specific topics in our directory, click here and send me an email. I'll see what I can do.

Are These Products & Services Really Free?

Yes ... and no. The $3,000 certificate (i.e., $1,000 groceries, $1,000 restaurant meals, & $1,000 bonus gifts) is 100% free. You will be able to claim your eCertificate immediately after confirming your "Preferred Customer" membership. If you prefer a paper certificate, just forward a copy of the second email you receive from the "Preferred Customer" newsletter (i.e., NOT the confirmation email) including your mailing address, and I will send you a full-color paper certificate.  However, there is a $34.95 processing fee for the certificate which is why I call this a gift worth $2,965.05.

Each product or service listed on our site can be purchased for the price listed on the product web page. However, you can also click the "Get It Free" button and browse free-trial offers from our sponsors. If you select one of the free-trial offers, you will immediately receive your selected product or service 100% free ... and most of them include free bonus gifts on the download page.

Some of the products we may occasionally offer can't legally be offered for free. For these porducts/services, we try to offer you a discount, rebate, or valuable bonus gifts.

Finally, some of our ebooks and reports (and all of our articles) are 100% free ... just read them online or download them.

How Do I Sign Up & Get My Free Bonus Gift?

This one is easy; just enter your name and email below, and click the "Sign Up Free" button.

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