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Self hypnosis is one of the best ways to change your life today

Most of today's biggest problems or challenges experienced by most people are a result of what and how we think. My free self hypnosis downloads and 5 simple tests let you discover quickly & easily whether hypnosis will work for you. Watch our free hypnosis videos below, and discover how hypnosis works, how to hypnotize yourself, & more.

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Discover All This In 6-Minutes:

  • Brief history of hypnosis
  • Does hypnosis really work?
  • What is hypnosis and how does hypnosis work?
  • A simple way to verify self hypnosis will work for you

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I am planning a very special project that will add a great new online service that will let you create your own unlimited self hypnosis recordings ... you write and record the suggestions ... how you want your life to change ... and the service turns it into a state-of-the-art self hypnosis mp3 recording you can download and keep forever.

But I'm trying to raise funding to create the service. If you would like to learn (and get some really cool stuff), click here and learn more:  

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Change Your Thought and Change Your Life

Hypnosis is simply a way to quickly re-program your mind; it lets you bypass prejudices and logical reasoning and communicate directly with your emotionally-focused subconscious mind. 

Fortunately, you don't have to schedule appointments or
spend big bucks to meet with a hypnotist

Now, you can use self hypnosis instead. The primary difference between hypnosis and self hypnosis is you can hypnotize yourself ... by yourself ... in the comfort and privacy of your own home and according to your own schedule. 

You can replay self hypnosis downloads as many times as you wish

And the more times you experience a session, the better and faster it works. In fact, the only time you really need a hypnotist is when you need to interactively explore your mind to uncover hidden emotional issues, to tap your subconscious memory, or explore your past lives.

Here Are Just A Few Ways To Change Your Life
Using Self Hypnosis 

Stop Smoking  -  Weight Loss  -   Relaxation  -  Induce Sleep -  Release Fears
Develop Psychic Skills  -  Increase Success  -  Mind Control  -  Self Healing
Mind Reading  -  Reduce Pain  -  Build Dating Skills  -  Improve Sports
Build Confidence - Build Wealth -  Develop Career Skills
Accelerate Learning  -  Develop Your Brain
And lots more!

And If You Would Like To Learn How To Hypnotize Someone Else
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Self Hypnosis Secrets That Will Change Your Life Today:
5 Key Factors That Drive Superior Self Hypnosis Results. 

Session 1:  Attract Money
Session 2:  Lose Weight Naturally
Session 3:  Achieving Success 

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Does Self Hypnosis Really Work & Will It Work For You? Find out now with these 5 simple tests. (Includes FREE VIDEO)
Brainwave Concepts & States of Consciousness For Self Hypnosis:
Discover the 4 brainwave frequencies and how they apply to successful self hypnosis.
7 Rules For Writing Successful Self Hypnosis Scripts:
Watching this free video prior to ordering custom-built self hypnosis downloads below is highly recommended.
The Amazing Power of Weight Loss Hypnosis: Experience a case example of how hypnosis was used for successful weight loss.
The Secret Weapon To Get Everything You Ever Wanted
The free hypnosis sessions are "light" sessions only. They invoke a light state of hypnosis and do not include all 5 factors explained in the "Self Hypnosis Secrets" article available here.

How To Change Your Life Today With Self Hypnosis

Solve your problems quickly & easily ... change your life forever ... privately and anonymously in the comfort of your own home with our self hypnosis downloads. We offer hundreds of of self hypnosis downloads you can use and re-use as often as you wish ... and now you can even write your own self hypnosis scripts if you don't see the title you want. 

Write your own hypnosis script (following the guidelines in our free article above, "7 Rules For Successful Self Hypnosis Scripts"), and I will record a full-feature video with binaural beats and visualization for you. 

(includes binaural beats, visualization, emotion, reflection, & suggestion technologies)

Clairvoyance:  Use hypnosis for developing clairvoyance (to see the future), extra sensory perception (ESP), & learn how to read minds. Only $17 ... or get it free!

Mental Healing: Use hypnosis to develop your spiritual healing ability to lessen pain and accelerate healing in others (a.k.a., mental healing). Only $17 ... or get it free!
Remote Viewing:  Use hypnosis to develop your ability for psychic remote viewing to see things & occurrences at far distances now & in the past. Only $17 ... or get it free!
Self Healing: Use hypnosis to develop your spiritual healing ability to lessen pain and accelerate healing in yourself (a.k.a., self healing). Only $17 ... or get it free!
Smoking Cessation:  Use hypnosis to stop smoking today. Only $17 ... or get it free!
Telekinesis: Use hypnosis to learn telekinesis (moving things with your mind). Only $17 ... or get it free!

More Hypnosis Audio Sessions & Psychic Development From My Associates

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Self Hypnosis MP3 Sessions
(by Steve G. Jones, Clinical Hypnotherapist
NOTE: Hundreds of Self Hypnosis Downloads Available; Sampling of titles are included below.

Astral Projection Binaural Beat Lose Weight
Christ Consciousness Stop Binge Eating
Deep Sleep Unlimited Wealth 
Develop ESP Abilities Astral Projection
Lucid Dreaming Concentration & Focus
Alpha Music Meditation Boost Your Immune System
Past Life Regression Control Alcohol
Shaman Consciousness End Gambling Addiction
DNA Stimulation Stop Smoking
Endorphin Release Past Life Regression
Hypnosis Become a Love Magnet
Third Eye Development Improve Your Memory
Crown Chakra Memory Eraser
Heart Chakra Stop Insomnia
Root Chakra Success In Dating
Sacral Chakra Regain Sex Drive
Solar Plexus Enhance Sexual Pleasure & Intimacy
Throat Chakra Develop ESP (Psychic Skill)
All Chakras Increase Energy
Creativity Free Flow Overcome Migraine Headaches
DNA Stimulation Reverse Aging
Health Package Allergy Relief
Brainwave Entrainment Theta Business Success Power Pack
Remote Viewing & Telepathy Improve Your Eyesight
ESP, Remote Viewing, & Telepathy Eliminate Procrastination

Well over 200 additional titles available. Click Here to see them all.

Click Here to see more than 100 additional self hypnosis MP3 titles.

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