"Does Hypnosis Really Work?"

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The Truth Behind Hypnosis - Does hypnosis really work?

Using Hypnosis To Change Your Life

Can Hypnosis really relieve your pain, cure your addiction, stop your disorders, or help you overcome a particularly difficult challenge in your life?

Learn all about hypnosis from its history to what it can help you with in your life.

Some of the things you'll learn in The Truth Behind Hypnosis include:

  • Does hypnosis really work, how does hypnosis work, and how to determine if you are a good candidate for self hypnosis why waste your time and money when you can read this and know for sure whether hypnosis is right for you!
  • The history of hypnosis did you know that in one form or another hypnosis has existed since the beginning of time there is much more that is sure to surprise you here!
  • Common hypnosis myths dispelled its time you learned the real truth about hypnosis and what it can and cant do for you!

If you are considering self hypnosis as a way to improve your life, eliminate fears, eliminate pain, this is an excellent book to get you started. Take a look at the table of contents, and see all the great stuff packed inside ... and don't miss the free bonus gift (discussed below) you will receive free when you order The Truth Behind Hypnosis!

"Truth Behind Hypnosis"
Table of Contents



  • Hypnosis: Inside and Out

  • A Brief History of Hypnosis

  • Hypnosis: What Is It?

  • Common Hypnosis Myths Dispelled

  • How to Use Hypnosis to Your Advantage

  • What Exactly IS Hypnosis?

  • Psychodynamic Theory & Philosophy

  • The Science Behind Hypnosis

  • How it Works

  • Types of Hypnotic Induction

  • The Difference Between Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy


  • Weight Loss

  • Improve Academic Performance

  • Memory and Concentration Improvement

  • Use Hypnosis to Bring Yourself Better Health

  • Diabetes

  • Eating Disorders

  • Sales Ability

  • Assertiveness

  • Anxiety

  • Smoking Cessation and Discontinuing Tobacco Use

  • Pain Relief

  • Other Uses for Hypnosis


  • Who is a Candidate for Hypnosis?

  • The Mystery Unveiled: What Does it Feel Like?

  • What Are the Types of Hypnosis?

  • Finding a Hypnotherapist

  • Self-Hypnosis Preparations

  • Being Successful at Self-Hypnosis

  • Making Hypnotic Suggestions Powerful

  • Becoming a Professional Hypnotist

  • The Controversy Over Hypnotism

  • What Happens if You Pick the Wrong Hypnotist

  • Code of Ethics for Hypnotists

  • A Tool: The Psychosonic Rhythm

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  • Achieve your goals with creative visualization

  • Using self hypnosis to create success in your life

  • Enhance your brain and learning capacity

  • Energy breathing for superlative health


"Achieving Serenity Of Self"
Table Of Contents

  • How To Develop an Attitude For Success

  • How Creating and Revising Personal Goals Can Change Your Life

  • Achieve Your Goals With Creative Visualization

  • Using Self Hypnosis To Create Success In Your Life

  • Basics Of Creating Your Own Self Improvement Program

  • Are You Your Own Worst Enemy

  • Is Anger Destroying Your Life

  • 7 Steps To Reclaiming Your Life Through Forgiveness

  • Enhance Your Brain And Learning Capacity

  • Meditation For Romance Or Business Success

  • Energy Breathing For Superlative Health

  • Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Chemistry!


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