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12 Low-Risk Ways to Invest For High Monthly Streams of Income

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Discover how to Supercharge Your Investments & Build Multiple Streams of Income With Less Risk than Most Mutual Funds.  Are you still putting $100 per month in a mutual fund only to find at the end of the year, your mutual fund only went up by $1,200 ... or worse went down? What if I showed you how to stop putting money in and instead, take income out every month and still watch you investment grow? Want to buy your stocks and funds 10% or more below market price? Want to know 7 ways to reduce or eliminate your risk and 3 ways to get your money back when prices drop? Want to use margin and pay zero interest? Would you like to discover a simple technique to boost your returns on investment to 20% or more while reducing your risk? If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions ... even if you're a complete novice investor ... then you need to get your own copy of MILLIONAIRE INCOME today. Use the link below, and get it free.

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Welcome to MILLIONAIRE INCOME: 12 Low-Risk Ways to Build Massive Streams of Investment Income Earning 10-50% On Your Money Per Year … Regardless of Market Performance.  

Volume I introduces you to my high-income investing philosophy and what it can do for your future. It includes most of the fundamental information you need to invest in normal securities such as stocks, bonds, mutual fund, and closed-end funds. In volume I, you will discover how to earn 10-20% on your investment assets year after year regardless of the direction of the overall markets. This basic information can make the difference between retiring early in comfort and security versus never retiring at all. Read this volume closely. Even if you are an experienced investor, pay close attention to all the examples and cited references; there are some valuable nuggets of new information there.


Once you understand the power of the information in Volume I, you will undoubtedly want to tap the phenomenal potential of Volume II. Volume II takes you from 10-20% investments to earning 20-50% on your investments and more with little additional risk. Volume I will show you how to turn a one-time investment of $10,000 into as much as $864,000 in 30 years; Volume II will show you how to turn $10,000 into as much as $3.8 Million or more! In Volume II, you will discover how to slash or even eliminate taxes on your investments, how to get margin at zero percent, how to trade with zero commissions, how buy securities below market, how to generate extra cash, and lots more. To see more of what you get with Volume II, take a look at the Table of Contents.


As we increase our client base, the price will increase; so, you may want to get your copy of Volume II as soon as possible. You should also consider joining the Millionaire Income Members Only website; it offers some tremendously valuable services and free gifts. Chapter 28 (included in Volume I and II) details most of the benefits and features you will receive when you join. The subscription price of the Millionaire Income Members Only website will also increase as we build our client base; so you may want to sign up for that as soon as possible as well. Fortunately, the members only website comes with a Lifetime Subscription Guarantee. So your membership fee will remain constant as long as you remain a member even when we raise prices for new members.


Whenever you are ready, you can order Volume II and sign up for the Millionaire Income Members Only website at this web address:


Before we get started, let’s briefly discuss what may seem like a frivolous question … even though it’s not! Why should you care about investing and investment performance? Maybe you make a huge six or seven-figure annual income … maybe you have a wildly successful Internet business or network marketing business … or maybe you won the lottery or received a huge inheritance. If any of these is your situation, then Congratulations!  However, sooner or later that income or large balance will be gone if you don’t invest. Regardless of how much you make, you need to invest at least ten percent of your annual income if you want stability, diversity, reliability, and longevity of income. Investing, especially investing for income, provides sustainable financial security; it should be at least one of many streams of income every person, family, and business should cultivate. And if you don’t have a huge income or massive net worth, the concepts in this book can get you there if you simply do it and keep doing it.


Important Information Before You Get Started


PERFORMANCE: This book presents powerful investment concepts used by the author to build wealth and income. The author firmly believes these concepts can be used by the reader to improve the reader’s financial situation and investment results. However, the reader must understand that past performance is no guarantee of future success, and there is no guarantee that the investment concepts and techniques presented in this book, course, and/or associated Millionaire Income Members Only website, will provide superior results to other investment methods or prevent loss of principal. Contrary to what many newsletters and financial pundits may claim, no system can work perfectly at all times or in all markets, and no one has infallible insight into the future for any investment.


RISK: Although the author believes the concepts contained in this book and the associated website are less risky than traditional growth investments and individual stock investing in general, primarily due to the presence of regular income, there is risk in all types of investing. In fact, the concept of “opportunity risk” demonstrates there is even risk in not investing at all. Opportunity risk identifies the risk in selecting one investment that ends up delivering lower returns on investment than another investment. It is the sole responsibility of the reader to determine if each specific concept or technique presented in this book is appropriate for the reader’s specific financial situation and level of understanding before using said technique. Should the reader choose to use the techniques and/or concepts presented in this book and/or on the Millionaire Income Members Only website, he should follow guidelines of prudence and only invest money he can afford to lose.


MARGIN & LEVERAGE: Some of the concepts and techniques employed in this book make use of margin and options investing. All investing that uses margin (i.e., a “loan” from your brokerage firm) and/or options (highly-leveraged derivative investments) is risky. If you purchase options, there is the risk of losing 100% of your investment in those options; if you sell uncovered options, your risk is theoretically “unlimited”. Though the author indicates his opinion on the level of risk of certain option techniques versus others in this book, all option techniques involve substantial risk.


AGREEMENT: Reading and/or applying the concepts and techniques presented in this book, course, and/or associated website(s) indicate (1) that you understand that all realms of investment involve risk, (2) you accept sole responsibility for any and all actions you take, and (3) you agree you will not hold the author, publisher, or any third-party associated with the author and/or publisher of this book, course, and/or associated website(s) liable in any way. You also agree the information presented herein is purely for educational purposes, contains no specific investment security recommendations, and is not intended to make specific recommendations of investment or tax techniques or specific securities for your specific financial situation. You also agree that you understand and accept that past performance is no guarantee of future success and there is no guarantee expressed or implied that you will achieve superior investment results, or avoid financial losses, by using these concepts and techniques over any other specific investment opportunity. If you disagree with any of the above information, you agree you will not apply the techniques and concepts presented herein. Furthermore, identification of any specific security, investment company, or brokerage firm shall not be construed as a recommendation or endorsement by the author, publisher, or associated third party; situations and services will undoubtedly change after this book has been published, and the investor bears the sole responsibility of assessing currency and validity of all information contained in this book and/or associated website(s).

So, let’s get started!  


Discover How To Supercharge Your Investments &
Build Multiple Streams of Investment Income With Less Risk Than Most Mutual Funds

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MILLIONAIRE INCOME: 12 Low-Risk Ways to Invest For High Monthly Streams of Income
Written by:  Dr. Bryan Stoker 

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