Protect Yourself From Identity Theft & More


Protect Your Family Against Identity Theft & More
Safeguarding Your Family's Health, Wealth, & Happiness
How to Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

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Warning To All Homeowners: Don't Be A Victim Of Fear and Worry...Get The Facts and Discover How You Can Stop Worrying About Identity Theft, Computer Viruses, Scams, Even Natural Disasters Within The Next 3 Days ... 

This revealing, no-nonsense book reveals everything you need to know to prevent ID theft, car jacking, fire, poisoning, terrorism,  drug addiction, and lots more ... and now you can actually get it free

“Safeguarding Your Family's Health, Wealth & Happiness” provides all the essentials you must have so you’ll know the most important steps to take to keep your loved ones safe from harm.

With this goldmine of information (100+ pages) you will discover

  • 33 ways to stay safe from fire, poisons & other hazards at home
  • 24 ways to ensure you are not the victim of car jacking & what to avoid when buying a car
  • 28 ways to protect yourself from identity theft
  • How to protect yourself from viruses and remove them from your computer.
  • The 7 worst types of investments, and 4 of the best too
  • 70 ways to protect yourself from natural disasters, heat, tsunamis etc...
  • How to recognize a suicide bomber or potential terrorist
  • How to prepare for and react to a terrorist attack (25 safety tips for you and your family)
  • How to stay healthy and guard against the most common causes of death
  • 15 common scams, how to recognize them & 14 steps to take if you are a victim
  • 15 pages on how to protect yourself from drug addiction, common injuries & common health problems
  • 10 tips to guard yourself against bird flu
  • Protect your identity with a free "Evidence Eraser" scan
  • Loads of online resources 
  • And much more...

This outstanding book even includes an emergency contingency planner to ensure all your family is safe at all times.

If You Use Credit Cards, the Internet, Drive In The City, Have Children, Travel Through Airports, Have Your Own Home, or Have the Slightest Worry About Natural Disasters, Scams, or Medicines, Then You NEED This Information-Packed Ebook

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Safeguarding Your Family's Health, Wealth, & Happiness ... How to Keep Your Loved Ones Safe
Written by:  Ed Steel 

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