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How To Build A Mutual Fund Money Machine

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Chapter 1: It’s Up To You

• Do you have the lifestyle you’ve always wanted?

• Do you have all the money you need?

• Can you do anything you want when you want?

• How old is that car you’re driving?

• If you car is new, how much are you paying each month to buy or lease it?

• Do you get to enjoy the warmth of the sun and the misty breeze of the seashore in the Caribbean or Hawaii every year?

• Do you get to take exciting hunting and fishing trips each year to Alaska , Canada , or Africa ?

• Have you been SCUBA diving in the Red Sea ?

• Do you have that gorgeous home you’ve always wanted?


Why not?

• You job pays enough doesn’t it?

• Aren’t you comfortable knowing your boss is taking care of you and the company will always be there for you?


          If your savings, investments, and income are not overflowing enough to provide the lifestyle you have always wanted, would you be interested in a couple of simple steps you could take to change your life? This book presents simple, high-potential techniques that can build a growing income with less risk than what you are doing now. You don’t have to start a business, get a second job, or spend a bunch of money. In fact, you only need to spend five to ten minutes per month, at the most, to secure your financial future.


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          Today’s business world has become a fast-paced environment where few people are able to simply get a good job, work for the same employer for thirty years, and retire on a comfortable pension. Instead, most companies are no longer loyal to the employees; they are laying people off as soon as contracts are lost or new executive management decides to enhance the bottom line. These trends are not necessarily bad; they do enhance competition and make America more productive. However, these trends have created an environment that forces the American worker to take care of his own future by planning his own finances. Furthermore, American workers are under greater stress due to the fear of losing their jobs due to com-petition, failing companies, changing markets, etc. Understandably, today’s employees want to make their money work as hard as they do, and in more and more cases, they want to retire early.

          As a result of these changes in America’s culture, the financial industry is exploding. The middle class, especially, is working longer hours and is under greater stress just to break even, and they typically do not have time to dedicate additional hours to analyze stocks and bonds and monitor their own portfolios. Thus, new mutual funds (where professional investment managers invest a large pool of money from thousands of individual investors) are created almost every month. In fact, there are now almost as many mutual funds (over 10,000) as there are stocks (approximately 15,000). The financial planning business is booming, and new financial magazines, newsletters, and newspapers are popping up with nearly every trip to the bookstore.

          Unfortunately, however, the techniques of investing in mutual funds have not changed much over the last fifteen to twenty years. If you pick up nearly any issue of any financial magazine or speak to any financial planner, the first investment technique you will encounter is Dollar Cost Averaging. If you dig a bit further, you may also come across another popular technique called Asset Allocation. Both of these techniques are described in more detail later. However, in my personal quest for higher investment returns over the last twenty years, I came across a small booklet by Ken Roberts called, Dollar Value Averaging: How to Profit from Volatile Markets. This little booklet spoke of a technique that produced significantly higher returns with lower risk than the traditional, conservative techniques discussed above. However, when I began trying to implement the plan in real investments, there were many questions unanswered. So, I created a few spreadsheets, performed a bit of analysis, and began deriving my own answers to questions such as the ones listed below:

• What do you do if your mutual fund only allows six exchanges per year? What if it only allows four?

• What do you do if the theory says cash in $78 worth of shares and the fund limits you to $100 minimum redemptions or exchanges?

• Is it better to invest in aggressive growth funds (i.e., high volatility) or more stable balanced funds if you are going to use dollar value averaging? What if you are going to use asset allocation?

• When is one technique better than the other?

The preliminary answers were counter-intuitive in some cases. It became apparent that this technique did have high potential, but there was a need to create general guidelines and a step-by-step plan appropriate for those who want to maximize returns and simultaneously minimize risk and effort.

          As I was performing this research, the results were starting to get exciting. The dollar value averaging technique can easily generate infinite returns on investment relatively quickly. In fact, you can create a veritable money machine that keeps paying you an increasing income even after you have recouped all of your original investment. This technique forces you to buy low and sell high (unlike dollar cost averaging), and yet it is actually lower risk than dollar cost averaging. Finally, you can really supercharge your investments by combining the techniques as described in chapter nine.

          If you are looking for a simple way to make your money work harder for you, increase your investment returns, and lower your risk with only a little more effort than the traditional techniques, the information that follows may be of great interest to you. Dollar value averaging is flexible in scope and can be used to (1) generate very large balances, (2) provide a way to automatically transfer money from the riskier stock market to less risky money markets as you approach retirement, and (3) create a money machine that continues to generate increasing cash income to you long after you have taken back all the money you ever invested. These techniques can also be used in your own business by conservatively investing cash reserves and your retirement accounts (i.e., IRA, 401(k), SEP-IRA, SIMPLE accounts, etc.).

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GROWTH & INCOME: How To Build A Mutual Fund Money Machine
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