Discount PPC Advertising

"How to SLASH Your PPC Advertising Costs By 80% to 90% In The Next 8 Minutes"

This article reveals how you can get quality Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) results at deep discount prices ... as much as 90% off the normal price. This discount PPC advertising concept can easily save you hundreds or thousands of dollars per month with the same quality results and a lot less hassle. 

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I'll show you how to slash your PPC advertising costs and reduce or eliminate most of the risks and hassles of PPC advertising in a moment, but first, let's discuss what PPC advertising is and why PPC ads are currently the most effective form of online advertising on the Internet. 

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What Is PPC Advertising & How Does It Work:

In 20 words or less, PPC advertising is "displaying classified ads on search engines where you only pay if someone clicks on the ad." In a bit more detail, PPC advertising consists of displaying classified ads on search engines when someone enters a keyword (or key phrase) you have purchased by bidding where you only pay if the potential customer clicks on the ad.  If someone searches using a keyword for which you placed a high-enough bid, your classified ad will be displayed in priority order (highest bid on top; lower bids further down the list). By definition, this means the potential customer is interested in your something related to what you are advertising;  if you write your ad well enough, they will click on your ad (this is called a "click through"). Then it's up to your sales page to "convert" the visit (a.k.a., the "hit") into a sale. If your ad is not well-written or doesn't really match the keywords the customer entered, he will not click on your ad ... and displaying your ad didn't cost you anything.

As mentioned above, the amount you pay for the "click through" (and even whether your ad is displayed at all) depends on how much you bid for the keyword(s) in advance.  As you might expect, there is a complex science and psychology behind how much you can profitably bid and which keyword(s) you should choose. I will not be covering profitable bidding strategies and and keyword psychology here, but you can get this invaluable information by signing up for my free course using the form above. The free course also includes a basic "rule of thumb" for easy bidding.

PPC advertising is also called, "Pay Per Placement", "Pay Per Performance", "Pay Per Position", "Pay Per Ranking", "Cost Per Click (CPC)", and Google calls it "AdWords", but most people call it "Pay Per Click" or PPC advertising.  What ever you call it, PPC advertising let's you get specific, pre-qualified, quality traffic immediately so you can test your ads and website, and most importantly, get money-making traffic. 

The Many Benefits of PPC Advertising:

Since PPC advertising is currently the most popular method of Internet marketing, you might expect there are a bunch of very powerful benefits of PPC advertising. Here are some of the most powerful benefits.

  • As already stated, one of the benefits is your ad(s) can be displayed without costing you anything unless a customer actually indicates interest in your ad by clicking on the ad. Think about it for a moment ... can you think of anything other than PPC advertising that the ad costs nothing unless your prospect indicates interest?

  • You can strictly limit how much you spend on your PPC advertising.

  • The cost per click is typically very low.

  • You can use PPC advertising to build a huge "interested customer" list.

  • You can launch your campaign and get results immediately (likely in less than an hour).

  • You get specific, pre-qualified, quality traffic from customers that have a definite interest in your product or service.

  • If you get our free PPC advertising email course and learn how to judiciously pick your keywords, you won't waste any time on marketing or even developing products that won't sell.

  • You can increase your "organic" search engine listings by receiving the traffic on your website from PPC advertising.

  • Your PPC advertising accounts usually offer a tracking system that reveals the popularity and pull of your PPC classified ads and what they do once they arrive on your website.

  • You don't have to have any special computer skills to run your PPC advertising campaign(s).

  • You don't have to design your web pages to be "search engine friendly" & your site doesn't have to be popular with the search engines for PPC advertising to work.

There are more benefits, but I think you get the idea...

Disadvantages of PPC Advertising:

As with everything, there are also some disadvantages or shortfalls of PPC advertising.  Here are the big ones:

  • PPC advertising is NOT free

  • To be truly effective, you will need to commit a monthly budget to your PPC advertising

  • Some portion of your paid click-throughs will be competitors checking you out or blatant "Click Fraud";  this wastes some of your advertising money.

  • If you skip paying for a month, your web site will fall out of the paid listings (which means you are dependent on "organic" search engine rankings again).

  • Popular keywords and key phrases are getting more and more expensive as the popularity of PPC advertising increases.

  • You can't set your PPC advertising campaign up and forget; you need to keep on top of it to keep sales coming in, avoid over-spending on your bids, and to change keywords as the public interests change. It can be a LOT of work and take a lot of time.

As you can see, most of the drawbacks of PPC advertising fall in the category of costs ... in terms of currency, time, and effort. There are two silver linings to these disadvantages however:  (1) the benefits vastly outweigh the drawbacks as long as you are willing to invest time and money in your business, and (2) most of these disadvantages are completely eliminated by my technique to slash the costs by 80% to 90% (presented below).

How To Use PPC Advertising:

There are basically 11 steps to effectively use PPC Advertising. They are listed below:

  1. Choose an in-demand product or service to promote using PPC advertising, and identify your desired goal(s). For example, sell a product/service, get sign-ups for your newsletter, etc.

  2. Select your desired PPC advertising search engine(s) and create your PPC advertising account.

  3. Create your keywords and key phrases list closely associated with your product or service

  4. Create a quality sales or lead-capture web page to sell your product or service or accomplish your goal.

  5. Create your classified ad (or several ads) to attract your potential customers.

  6. Determine the value of your conversion (i.e., what is the sale worth to you in dollars & cents ... or whatever your currency might be).

  7. Create bid calculation tables (or use the "Rule of Thumb" I mentioned earlier) with a row for each keyword or phrase and bid amount. 

  8. Run a few controlled tests with a limited, defined PPC advertising budget to determine the Cost Per Click, Conversion Ratio, Conversion Cost, and Click Through Ratio.

  9. After completing your controlled tests, determine the profit factor by completing each row of the table.

  10. Based on your completed bid table, determine the best "position" on the priority listing for your selected search engine(s) based on the highest profit factor for each keyword or phrase.

  11. Rank your keywords in descending profit order for their best positions.

  12. Starting at the top of your list of keywords, bid only the amount necessary to obtain the highest-profit position. When you have exhausted your selected PPC advertising budget, discard any keywords or phrases remaining on your list.

I know this is a complex list and there are a lot of details not covered, but I promise you everything is available with my PPC advertising email course. Of course, you can replace steps 6 through 12 with simply "bidding on your desired keywords", but this approach generally leads to little or no profit ... or worse, losses even when you sell your products.

How to Slash Your Cost of PPC Advertising, Save Time, & Reduce Risk:

What is the point of PPC advertising? ... To get targeted exposure to your ads, make sales, and make money, right? You don't want to buy general traffic, because it's not targeted to your application, and some traffic services actually pay people just to display the ads and/or click on your ads. Even free traffic exchanges "pay" their subscribers with free displays of their own ads when they display other subscribers' ads. Maybe they work for you, but my experience with traffic exchanges is they are marginal at best. 

So, what you really want is targeted, responsive exposure to your ads at a fraction of the cost ... where click fraud is virtually eliminated, and you don't have to put in much time or effort. You don't have to track keywords, determine optimum bid rates, write PPC-appropriate classified ads, and since your costs can be 80% to 90% lower, your risk is also much lower. 

How do you accomplish this? ... you do it with what I call cooperative PPC advertising or Discount PPC advertising.  In other words, you pool your ad with ads from others of similar interest. You may introduce a bit of competition, but you would have that with PPC advertising as well, and I guarantee you it will cost a lot less. Don't get concerned about how to find others to go into cooperative PPC advertising with you ... it's done for you automatically. All you have to do is select the genre (i.e., the topic or category) in which your product or service falls, and submit your ad. When you submit your ad, you will not actually have a PPC ad placed on a search engine, but your traffic will be the result of PPC advertising placed on search engines. Thus, you get Discount PPC advertising without the actual PPC process and hassles. 

Let's assume for a moment you have an advertising budget of $500 per month, on a popular search engine such as Google or Yahoo, you might get 125 to 500 clicks on your ad if you used a popular keyword that required a bid amount of $1 to $4 per click. If we assume you PPC ad was displayed 10 times for every time it was clicked, your ad might be seen 1,250 to 5,000 times. 

However, if you share the traffic, you could get lots more clicks for the same amount of exposure for $100 or less per month. Or if you use the same $500 budget, your exposure could climb as high as 25,000 hits. Furthermore, if your ad is placed on a page with powerful content and a "Bookmark This Page" feature, your ad could pick up repeat visits for even more exposure. If the page also includes a "Tell A Friend" feature, then the sky's the limit; you could have "viral growth" exposure levels.

How do you find cooperative PPC advertising opportunities? Well, you're already looking at one. This page targets an audience appropriate for the online businesses, marketing, advertising, and PPC advertising genre. If you are marketing business services or products or business opportunities, this site would be a perfect place for you to place your ad and it will cost you 80% to 90% less than running an effective PPC advertising campaign with much lower cost, risk, time, and effort. 

How To Learn More:

Hopefully, this article has given you a good overview of PPC advertising and how you can use discount PPC advertising to slash your advertising costs. If you would like to learn a lot more about PPC advertising, click here and fill out the form to get my free course and several valuable free gifts. Here is a sampling of the additional things you will learn from my free course:

  • Critical Skills You Must Acquire and Factors To Consider For PPC Advertising

  • Important Things to Consider When Planning Your PPC Advertising Campaign

  • How to Determine Your True Conversion Value (It's not just your sales price less expenses)

  • How to Select The Right Keywords That Get Results For Your Product or Service

  • How To Write Classified Ads Appropriate For PPC Advertising Versus General Classified Ad Writing

  • How To Scientifically Predict Your Profit For Each Selected Keyword & Key Phrase

  • How To Bid For Maximum Profit & Ensure Your Avoid Losses

  • How to Save Money AFTER You Have Launched Your PPC Advertising Campaign

If you would like to take immediate advantage of discount PPC advertising and get powerful, targeted traffic for  80% to 90% less than normal PPC advertising with a lot less time and effort, click the "Advertise Here" link at the bottom of this page. 

Assuming you already have ads written or developed, it will take you only a couple of minutes to sign up and submit your discount PPC ad. In case you were wondering, that's how I claim you can slash your PPC advertising costs in 8 minutes or less. You can place your ad on this page or one of my other cooperative advertising pages based on your product or service. Click the link below to buy or sell ad space: 

You can tailor your advertising to your budget by selecting how long you want your ad displayed. By the way, I can only guarantee you will receive quality targeted exposure; the ultimate success of your campaign depends on the effectiveness of your displayed ads and web pages.

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